About Benjamin

Benjamin Gautrey Sporting Acheivements

Gymnastics (1997 – 2009)

Ben attended Ainsdale YMCA Gym club from the age of 5. In the latter years used his gymnastics as an excellent way of keeping fit and saw it as a real benefit for the strength and agility needed when maneuvering a motorbike. During Ben’s time at gymnastics he won the boy’s junior competition for four consecutive years something he was very proud of. He enjoyed competing against others loved having his name on the shields for the age groups that he won each year.

Swimming (1997 – 2007)
Ben attended swimming lessons from the age of 5 with Paul Hibbott at Swims’cool’ Southport. During his time at Marshside Primary School he represented them in interschool swimming galas. Like his gymnastics swimming was an excellent form of fitness for him in his early years and loved attending his lessons.

Cricket (2001 – 2006)

Ben played his cricket locally for Southport Trinity. He also represented Stanly High School Sports College and the league representative team. He made an excellent Wicket Keeper. If he couldn’t stop the ball with his hands he also got something behind it! He was either opening bat or number 3 and was always quick between the wickets at running. When Ben first started playing cricket at the age of 9, he wasn’t the tallest boy and going out to bat with his helmet, gloves and pads on it was a sight that brings a smile to anyone’s face! As Ben got older, taller and fitter he influenced the games more especially from his captains role.

Golf (2004 – 2010)
Ben played golf at the Hesketh Golf Club. It was probably the only sport that he never competed at any level at. Opting to play leisurely whenever he could. During his last two years as a member rounds of golf were limited unfortunately due to other commitments.

Football (1999 – 2009)
Ben played for many teams during his football years but one thing he had in common with all of them was that he captained them. He started his football off playing for Southport Juniors before moving to Ainsdale Juniors. He represented league sides through different age groups aswell as representing Marshside Primary School and Stanley High School.  At the ages of 8 and 10 he had trials with LFC. Ben never scored a simple goal – it was always spectacular and one to remember. Problem is he scored so many of them that its difficult to remember them all. One thing is for sure after each goal it was followed by his trade mark back flip! Ben won lots of trophies during his football years but his most memorable one was his first. Playing in the final on a local non-league ground he scored a wonderful goal and was able to share a joke now with his dad as he had also scored on this ground too!

Motorcycle Racing  (2006 – 2011)
Christmas 2006 Ben received his first motorbike – an American Pit Bike which he used to ride up at Trax a local circuit in Preston where he would go once a month. It didn’t take long however for Ben to pick up the handling of the bike and with his competitive nature started looking into bike racing series for 12-18 year olds. In 2008 he took deliver of his first race bike an Aprilia 125 cc which he raced on for two seasons in the Aprilia Superteen Series at Thundersport GB. In his first race season he gained a podium at Brands Hatch and won two awards at the end of that season. Most Improved Rider of the Year and Rider’s Rider of the Year. During his second year he was made the Superteens Representitive working closely with the MD’s of Thundersport GB. During his second full season many podiums followed and eventually won his very first competitive race on the final race of the season at Rockingham Race Circuit in 2009. In 2010 he moved onto a 450cc and won the championship at the first attempt. Considering it was only his third season racing competitively this was probably his biggest and finest achievement through all his sporting career. 2011 Ben moved to BSB racing on a 600cc in the Metzler Superstock 600 series. He was fortunate enough to have earned the ride with Mark Webster Racing Team (Gearlink Kawasaki) on the back of his success from the year before. He was now competing at British Level in only his fourth full season on a race bike. The progress he was making not only on the circuit but off it was attracting a lot of positive interest within Kawasaki higher up the ladder. Ben was where he wanted to be, he was so passionate about his sport and loved everything about it. Each race meeting from the age of 14 was a highlight of his week. And as one finished he couldn’t wait for the next. From the minute Ben set eyes on his pit bike on that Christmas Day in 2006 it changed his life forever. He had never been happier than when is is on his bikes and he was fortunate enough with the help of so many people to be living his dream and his certainly did this to the full.