Membership of the 600 Club is a great way to contribute to the Foundation and also have a chance to win BIG each month.

By joining the 600 club you will automatically become a member of the Foundation and the committee will be accountable to its members for all its decisions. You will have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Each month 50% of the received funds will be allocated to a Monthly Draw, and there will be 2 prizes of 25% of the allotted fund.
For example, a fully subscribed 600 Club would mean 2 monthly prizes of £375.
The remaining 50% will be used by the Foundation to help fund its objectives.

The Foundation is licenced under the Gambling Act.

Please see the Rules and Membership form for more information, or email

download, print and complete the above pdf form which is a mandate order to your bank then complete the club600 form below which will be emailed directly to our secretary by our website;