25 Hour Spinathon

Again another successful event for The Benjamin Gautrey Foundation.

The event started Saturday morning at 8am and finished 25 hours later at 9am Sunday morning! Colin and Debbie Jervis along with their staff made everybody very welcome and all the hours were covered by their gym members and friends, a really good turnout.

Every hour there was a representation from supporters of The Foundation and a special thank you has to go to Chris Blake, Alex Tennant and Alex Gautrey who did more than their fair share to support us all from the committee.  Lorraine, Ben's mum did a couple of stints and was there to meet as a point of contact to talk and raise awareness to the objectives of our charity.

Recognition also has to be given to our Chairman, Les, who spent 7 hours 'spinning' and 4 hours of this started at 5am Sunday finishing at 9am when the event came to a conclusion. An absolutely fantastic event and I know Ben would be as proud as punch. 

Photography courtesy of Denis Oates Photography

The Foundation #25 would like to say a big thank you to Colin and Debbie Jervis and all participants of the Spinathon.